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Jews / Philosophy in Judaism

Judaism Around the World

The study of human history is a broad and complex subject. Many civilizations and peoples of the past exist today, while others were deliberately wiped out or faded away. Today’s global population is around 7.6 billion people. Sometimes, we can divide that total neatly under generalized labels, sometimes we can’t.  Defining Judaism is harder […]

Jews in America: An Overview

It makes sense America was an attractive destination for European Jews. Europe was not especially welcoming. In Eastern Europe anti-Semitism was rife, and the promise of a land where religious freedom was an essential part of the culture was a draw for a people who were barely tolerated and side-lined.  Early American Jews By […]

Modern Philosophical Thought in Judaism is a Question of Constant Adjustment

Like the rest of the world, Judaism has experienced a marked secularization. Secularization is often a by-product of education and in the case of Judaism specifically, there is also the effect of the genocide of the Second World War which adds a dimension to thinking both religious and secular which other cultures simply don’t have. […]

Women Thinkers From Jewish Culture

A philosopher is a philosopher and we should have no need to categorize them by sex. But in the long tradition of thought in Judaism, for a long-time philosophy fell to the boys. Though there were women thinkers before the Second World War, their voices become increasingly insistent in the 20th and 21st centuries. Hannah […]

Happy Rosh Hashanah 2018!

As the holiday season in the U.S arrives this year, I am more curious than ever before about how people around the globe and next door celebrate their own traditions and festivities. I am intrigued by the customs and beliefs of those who share this great big world with me. The 5 W’s of Rosh […]